A Big, Warm Welcome from FreeBird Dance & Yoga…

Good evening, good morning, good day!  I am so very pleased to welcome you to my new site, which brings together some of the most important, delightful aspects of life for me: dance, yoga, mentoring, community, children, birds (free ones), writing, work, and play.  I do hope you’ll enjoy your time here, and perhaps reach out to study/explore/connect in person.  Please leave your comments below to let me know what you’re excited to hear more about through my blog, or learn about through classes.  I’d love to be in conversation and get to know you better.

All my best wishes to you for a luminous, joyous holiday season.

With Love,

P.S.  Gigantic thanks to Heather Gray, Ryan Oelke, Chelsea Brady, Jonah West, and Rob McNamara for all your love and support in creating this new web-world with me!

About Brooke Gessay

Brooke is a Dance artist, student and teacher of Yoga, and ordained Zen monk. She is a lover of adventure, especially in the territories of creative process and performance, meditation, and the awakening of somatic wisdom. She teaches dance and yoga to kids and adults in Boulder, CO, and works with mentoring clients one-on-one in person and by phone and skype.

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