About FreeBird

The mission of FreeBird Dance & Yoga is to provide a variety of safe and inspiring contexts in which children and adults are invited to deepen their own processes of body-awareness and self-awareness. Through community classes and private sessions, students and clients will learn and explore a variety of ancient and contemporary practices and techniques to facilitate skillful expression, healthy play, and connection to both self and something beyond self. Please explore this website to find FreeBird Dance & Yoga’s service that is best fit for you.

I am interested in one thing: real love.

Soft, sweet,
fierce, firey,
confused, angry,
ordinary, extraordinary.
Every flavor.

I’m curious about real love moving
between movement and stillness.

I’m curious what real love means
to you,
and how you have felt it move in you, as you.

I’m lit up witnessing students and clients connect to,
and move as, their specific, quirky, gorgeous gifts.
My joy is our flying free.

I’m in love with the moment
when something melts
and starts to flow –
out, in, between, through.
And tension softens
and humor is available
and forgiveness is available
and space to breath is right here.

This is our chance, again –
this exactly – the fully available, open opportunity
to be in not-knowing wonderment
of a mystery moving in and as each of us uniquely.

FreeBird is the open invitation to bring yourself to this moment –
this alive, intelligent, undulating, empty space,
and to perhaps fall in love
in your own way
again, for the first time.