Dance Services


FreeBird Creative Dance for Kids
ages 3-5, with parent/ caretaker participation

Drawing on six years of teaching kids ages pre-K through 5th grade in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as certified training in Kids Yoga, Brooke’s Creative Dance classes for kids are a safe, fun space for children to play and express their natural creativity through movement.

“Brooke is a wonderful, engaging teacher who taps into a child’s creativity.” – Lisa Tsukamoto, Rosa Parks Elementary School teacher

In these classes you and your child will enjoy:
→ Image-driven stretching and yoga for kids
→ Elements of Anne Green Gilbert’s “Brain Dance,” which playfully engages six major movement patterns to awaken brain acuity
→ Story-driven movement to engage imaginative possibilities and critical thinking skills
→ Creative visualizations to develop focus, attention, and rest

In this class for kids ages 3-5, parents or caretakers are asked to stay and participate, providing support and a unique embodied bonding experience with the children. Each class will follow relatively the same structure with thematic variation: beginning with opening the “Magic Dance Space” and exploring its contents for the day, journeying through the “Airplane Dance,” and doing calming and focusing stretching games, we then move into image-driven creative dancing and simple fun skill-building. Hope you can join in this last Winter series before I go on maternity leave!  *Space is limited; register early to reserve your spot.*

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FreeBird Movement Jams
facilitated physical expression
for body, mind, & heart

(adult/ all levels)

Imagine how you feel after a hearty belly laugh, a good cry, a night out dancing, or an unedited belting of your favorite song alone in your car. Embodied expression and the raw movement of energy through our body-minds brings us home to ourselves in a way that thinking and daily conversation simply cannot. The inspiration and vitality that come from free play and deep rest are our birthright as humans. Whatever your background, you’ll be welcomed into this terrain through FreeBird Movement Jams: open space to unfold yourself through movement within the safety and structure of Brooke’s practiced facilitation.

“Brooke has a beautiful ability to hold space… Her focus brings me to sense my body moving, and inhabit my self and my actions more fully in each moment.” – Bahadur Bryson, Psychotherapist/Dancer

In this class series you will enjoy:
→ Weekly space and time in your schedule to release stress and reconnect with intuition through movement to music in community
→ A safe space and refined balance between guidance/direction and freedom to improvise
→ Facilitated physical warm-up, self-expression, and contact with others (if you choose it)
→ A dynamic interplay between play and rest, autonomy and community, and your own body, mind and heart in action

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a day-long workshop for all levels of human movers

Join me for a day-long deep dive into 5 views on dancing to enrich and vitalize living. This unique workshop weaves together insights and best practices from many years of professional dance experience and study.

Material borrowed with permission from CU Religious Studies Professor Sam Gill provides a rich backdrop as we adventure physically and intellectually through his book “Dancing Culture Religion.” In this rich threshold ordinary moving blurs with extraordinary aliveness. Weaving this material (which engages insights from anthropology, philosophy, religious studies and neuroscience) with my own research and experience, I’ll guide you on an illuminating journey – which, for me, has rendered daily living as a multi-textured, continuous unfolding in which mind, body, and environment are distinct, but not separate, and simple moving is imbued with a vital mystery here now always.

“Brooke is an immensely gifted artist and teacher. Her elegance, love, and wakefulness are uniquely interwoven into her dance and her yoga. Brooke’s teaching is a true treasure.” – Diane Musho Hamilton, Zen Teacher

➤ Engage MOVING from a new vantage point and lean into its embrace with Stillness.
➤ Explore GESTURING as a co-creative feedback loop between self and environment, interior and exterior.
➤ Get why PLAYING is more important than we may think, by entering its self-fulfilling nature as Flow.
➤ Feel how SEDUCING, as a territory where signs and symbols can empty of meaning and freely relate, softens our linear addiction to Producing.
➤ Taste how SELF-OTHERING allows us to transcend ourselves while still being ourselves, by moving new qualities through our own gestural and sensorimotor patterns.

This daylong course integrates yoga, meditation, dance, lecture, and discussion into a unique, experiential opportunity: The day begins with yoga asana followed by a short meditation. Lecture and discussion open new possibilities in our minds and relationships. Woven throughout will be movement exercises designed to viscerally engage and explore our discussion topic through embodied practice. Journaling will also be used to foster integration of material we explore.
Come wrestle and play in this multidimensional, interdisciplinary workshop, and move closer to the living flame of your own dancing vitality. 
* Special thanks to Sam Gill*

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