Mentoring Bio

“Your deepest presence
is in every small contracting and expanding,
the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated
as birdwings.”
– Rumi

Brooke completed Dave Ellis’s Falling Awake Life Coach Training in 2008, and has named her particular, eclectic approach to Life Coaching: “FreeBird Mentoring.”  Brooke is a dancing-performing-teaching artist, yogini, and lover of zen.  She is joyfully committed to realizing and embodying the mystery, emptiness, and fullness of our nature as human beings.  Celebrating enigma, paradox, and possibility through playfulness and a tender heart, she is inspired by oceans, absurdity, and you being you.  

Brooke holds a B.A. in English/Creative Writing and Dance from Connecticut College, graduating Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa, and is an MFA candidate in Dance at CU Boulder, focusing studies on somatics and community engagement.  She is on faculty at The Integral Center in Boulder, CO and teaches for its Yogic Union Embodiment Studio.  She danced professionally for six years with LEVYdance, Malashock Dance, and Weird Al Yankovic, and worked with at-risk youth in San Francisco as a Senior Teaching Artist, Teacher Coach, and Artist Mentor with Performing Arts Workshop.  She currently choreographs and performs in her own dance work with Lauren Beale, and with Kim Olson/Sweet Edge contemporary dance company. Brooke is a formal student of Zen Buddhism and a certified yoga instructor, and has worked deeply with the spiritual teachings of Adyashanti, Mukti and Dorothy Hunt, as well as PSI Seminars and Landmark Education, bringing wisdom from each domain to her practice in FreeBird Mentoring. She has been serving clients throughout the U.S. since 2008.

“My goal as a mentor is singular and steady: I want the client to come out of each session with a more direct experience of who he or she really is.

Now, what does that actually mean, in practical terms? Sometimes it looks like an hour of talking, laughing, and celebrating what is already working well… Other times, a mentoring session serves to host a deeper experience of emotional release or transmutation than would be allowed if the client were alone or with anyone else… Sometimes mentoring looks like setting goals and creating practical steps to achieve those goals; other times it is digging down to discover the long-hidden assumption that might have forever hindered the goal from being reached.

FreeBird Mentoring can be like a collaborative treasure hunt for clarity and truth. Some sessions are serious, some playful, and some both. I always want to stick to the bigger picture of what the client ultimately wants, while also following the thread of what’s coming up between us moment to moment.

Here’s a metaphor for the transformation that’s possible through FreeBird Mentoring: the client is a glowing, alive, radiantly true being, wrapped inside layers of habituated identity, protective personas, and fear of revealing the honesty at her core. With the time, focus, and clear reflection from mentor to client, the false layers fall off in a natural and healthy way. With consistent attention to this process – one hour a week for six months, usually – the untrue aspects of the client cannot survive. They realize they don’t exist. They are peeled away, dissolve, or simply slide off like old skin, as the client remembers who he was born to be. This may sound lofty, but it is the possibility that burns in my heart as a mentor.”

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