“Brooke is an immensely gifted artist and teacher.  Her elegance, love, and wakefulness are uniquely interwoven into her dance and her yoga. Brooke’s teaching is a true treasure.” – Diane Musho Hamilton, Zen Teacher

“Brooke has a beautiful ability to hold space and create an internal experience for everyone present. Her focus brings me to sense my body dancing, and inhabit my self and my actions more fully in each moment. Each class I leave feeling successful in my time spent with my self, within a collaborative space. It is for these finer details that I adore dancing with Brooke.” – Bahadur Bryson, Psychotherapist/Dancer, Boulder, CO

“Brooke teaches dance with a refined sense of support and structure while creating an environment that’s free and safe for self-exploration. Her enthusiasm is heartfelt and her desire to share unmistakable.” – Jonathan, Yoga/Pilates Teacher, Boulder, CO

“Brooke has a way of helping you to expose your creative nature in a supportive, inspiring, and FUN way.” – Dance student, Boulder, CO

“…Brooke Gessay so vivid she burned.” – Janice Steinberg, Dance Magazine Critic

“Brooke wears many hats and manages them with style and grace. She is a performer, dancer, choreographer, teacher, mentor, student, and friend. By immersing herself in a multitude of experiences, she hones her abilities with great clarity and perspective. Brooke does not sit back and wait for life to bring her jobs or relationships or community—she launches herself toward those happenings with confidence and understanding of where she wants to be, akin to her ability to move across the stage with velocity and control, beginning with the end in mind. Brooke Gessay shines.” – Michelle Fletcher, Artistic Director: Here Now Dance Collective, San Francisco, CA

“Brooke provided a tremendous support for me while going through a major transformational period. She gently listened, provided welcomed reflection and inspiration to act with strength and courage to step into work that I love, create a more loving relationship with my partner of seven years and nearly double my annual income. I am so grateful for the time I spent with her. She is a passionate, authentic human being who is generously giving of herself. I’ll always be a fan!” – A.F., Mentoring Client, San Francisco, CA

“Working with Brooke has been transformative and life changing. Through her encouragement and support, I have learned so much about myself while rediscovering truth and self love in the process. Our conversations have brought about an awareness and inner peace I never knew existed. Brooke has given me what I have yet to truly find elsewhere – space to be.” – V.K.,
Mentoring Client, Brooklyn, NY

“Working with Brooke completely transformed me. She is patient, kind, thoughtful, and insightful. I feel so blessed to have learned from her. She gently guided me through a transitional phase in my life, and showed me how to look for and celebrate the positive while accepting parts that I wanted to change. I came to find acceptance, peace, and a happiness that had long been dormant. I’ve worked with a variety of therapists, and none has had such a positive impact on me as Brooke. She is simply amazing.” – Catherine Hull,
Mentoring Client, New York, NY
“My work with Brooke Gessay has been deeply healing and has shifted my awareness. I have been able to let go of some past stories that are no longer serving me. I found this work to be empowering and exactly what I needed to continue to create the life I have dreamed of.” – Rosey Wyland,
 Mentoring Client, Portland, OR

“Brooke encourages the kids’ creativity and imagination to come alive through movement.  Lilli absolutely loved being a flower opening in the morning sun, or a fish swimming in a flowing blue stream.  Brooke has such a warm, lovely way with kids. We truly loved her class!” – Katie Eller, parent of Creative Dance for Kids student, San Francisco, CA

“Brooke is a wonderful, engaging teacher who taps into a child’s creativity.  She has a very positive, inclusive management style that children love.” – Lisa Tsukamoto, teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary School, San Francisco, CA