Yoga Services

I offer both private yoga and teach yoga as an adjunct professor at Naropa University in Boulder, CO.  

Based in the Viniyoga lineage, and influenced by my practice of Vinyasa Yoga, Contemporary Dance and Zen Buddhism, my teaching promotes and engages self-reflection and a balance between effort and surrender. What are you practicing yoga for, now and in the long run? How can you make efficient effort toward that, and how can you simply surrender yourself to allowing it to come? Through physical postures initiated by the breath and movement of the spine, repeated and held, and sequenced for optimal health and benefits, I gently guide students into their own interior landscape and self-inquiry. From this deeper engagement in movement and stillness, many benefits are possible, such as increased structural integrity, spinal health, and circulation, as well as greater emotional equanimity and mental focus. Viniyoga is a methodology based in appropriate action for any given condition, and in the yoga studio this means discovering your own unique expression of the practice based on your specific condition and goals. My classes are an invitation for all levels of practitioners, from all backgrounds, to come closer to themselves through movement, breath, concentration, and deep rest.

Please contact me for more information about private yoga sessions, and the possibility of combining Yoga and FreeBird Mentoring to best serve your interests.

“Breath is central to Yoga
because it is central to life
… and Yoga is about Life.”

– T. Krishnamacharya